Entering Portal information and Bracing load details


From the drop down menu select the geometry of the portal frame. A 3 member portal frame has a single top member, supported by posts at each end. A 4 member portal frame, has two top members, joined at an Apex.


Select the Supporting load cases for the beam/lintel being designed for.

  • Floor
  • Roof
  • Roof + Wall
  • Roof + Wall + Floor
  • Double Roof + Wall
  • Double Roof + Wall + Floor

If none of these are appropriate please contact Specifi Help.


Enter a Description or name to help you identify the portal. note specifi numbers each portal automatically 

Note Specifi numbers each portal automatically 


Select the beams Deflection (max) from the drop down list. this helps the software chose the correct member for your design.

The options are;

  • “Standard Deflection” allows a maximum of 12mm deflection or the span of the beam divided by 360.
  • “Minimal Deflection” allows a maximum deflection of 6mm or the span of the beam divided by 360. This should be selected when it is desirable for constructability or long term performance to limit the deflection. Examples are garage door lintels (to minimise labour costs in packing out the jambs to be level), or portal over stacker-slider doors. This should also be selected when the Beam is closer than 3.0 metres to a wall running parallel with the beam, to minimise the visibility of the deflection against the rigid wall.

For example: A portal/lintel with a span of 2.0 m and “Minimal Deflection” selected has an allowable deflection of 5.55mm (minimum of Span/360 = 5.55mm or 6mm).