End Connections


Select from the drop down lists if the beam connects too Engineered Post or to Point load on a TBC Beam. Only elements that can support other elements are shown.

If its to Point Load on a TBC Beam you can select Save End Connections and move onto the next beam design. You will need to come back once that point load has been applied to another beam to finish off the end connections. 


Select the Post Height in metres (m). This will determine the allowable posts and these are shown. Note the list is in 0.3m increments so pick one that is equal or greater than the height required.


Select the Post Type from the options available. A default Label is given for the post, this can be changed here if required.   


Click the Selected Connection Detail to open the window to show available connection detail options,  scroll through the images by moving the mouse curser over the edge of the picture mid height and clicking the arrow. Select the image that best suits the designed situation.

Note if the required detail is not shown select the Please contact me to design a custom image. A charge may apply to this if its a custom one off image, the image may not be available yet or capacity exceeded in available options.