How to Create a Company


Setting up a Company in Specifi allows users to share projects amongst themselves, have combined billing, and share tasks amongst each other.
Users may work for many different Companies under one Specifi User Account. 

To gain access to a Company, you will need to get an adminstrator of the Company to send a Company invite to your user account.

To create a company in Specifi follow the steps below.



To create a Company, click the  icon on the top right hand side of your screen and select the My Account option from the drop down menu.


Click show+ on the right hand side of the screen in the Companies row.  Click on the Add Company button on the right hand side of the page which will then open the Company Information page.


On the Company Information page fill out required fields as below

Company Details

Company Name - The Name of the Company.
This will be the name used for Invoicing purposes (either on Account or by Credit Card prepayment).

Company NumberThe New Zealand Government Company Number.
This will be used for Credit Checking purposes, and will be required for On Account customers.

Website - Company Website Address.

Phone Number - Company phone number including area code.

Billing Contact - Individual to contact with Billing Queries and Account Setup.

Billing Name - The Name of the Company used for Billing Purposes. This is the Legal Name that will be used on Invoices.

Address - Company Street Address.

Suburb, Town and Post Code - Suburb, Town and Post Code of Company Street Address.

Fax Number - Company Fax number including area code.

Billing Contact Email - Email Address for the Billing Contact.





LBP Signoff For Company

The LBP Signoff for Company is the person (limited to one person) within a company that will have permission to sign off the consented documents.  Their name will go on the consented documents. 

Fill out required fields as below

Signoff User - Signoff User's Full Name (This will be prepopulated throughout consent documents so make sure this is correct)

Design Entity

PO Box - PO Box number for postal address if you have one

Address - Street address 

Suburb - Suburb 

Town and Postcode - Town and Postcode fields



Credit Based Account