Getting Started

How to begin working within the Specifi site.

How to Register

How to register as a New User and information that is required to register.

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Logging In

Information on Logging in to your account.

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Qualification Information

Qualification information is optional - but once entered will be verified, and may then used to allow you to perform your own Quality Assurance checking, or checking for Companies you are assigned to.

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Create a New Project

How to create a new project.

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Create a Company

Setting up a Company allows users to share projects amongst themselves, have combined billing and share tasks amongst each other. Users may work for many different Companies over time. The table below also shows the users' permissions for the selected company. To create a Company, click the Add Company button on the Right Hand Side. To View the Companies details, click the hyperlink on the Company Name. To gain access to a Company, you will need to get an adminstrator of the Company to Send a Company Invite to your user account.

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