Point Loads


If there are no point loads click Save Point Load Information to move to the next step, this will apply no loads to the beam and move you to the next step.
If there is a point load or loads click the Manage Point loads to open a new window. note if you wish to support beams designed in Specifi its best to make these beams first before adding the point load in.

Note Specifi calculates the deflection accumulative so each beam can be made stiffer to reduce the deflection on the next beam.


Click on the New Point Load tab to create a new point load. Select the supported beam and applicable end from the drop down list or select Manual Calculations, These can ether be from a truss designer, Additional engineering of elements done outside of Specifi. Not you can add multiple point loads by repeating the steps of creating new point load. 




Enter in the Point Load Location from End 1 in metres (m). If a manual calculations enter in the Truss Point Load - Down, Upward, Roof, Ceiling, Snow.

Enter in the Load Combination - G, Q, Su, Ss, Wu, Ws

Please note: Any value in the uplift settings will be treated as uplift. If there is no uplift, enter 0.0.
It is the responsibility of the user entering the loads from the CantTruss Manufacturer to ensure these are correct!


When finished entering the point loads click the Save Point Load then Close point load and Return to Structural Element buttons to return back to the beam being designed. Click Save point load information to apply the loads to the beam.