Qualification Information


To be able to perform certain features in Specifi, you need to have valid, current Qualifications. For instance, to be able to perform Quality Assurance checking, you need to be qualified to at least Licenced Building Practitioner - Design, Level 1. To be able to perform signoff for PS3 or PS4 as built, you need to have at least a Licenced Build Practitioner - Build qualification.


There are two ways that you can submit your Qualification details as a user. 


You can enter your Qualification details on the Register page when you register as a new user.


Or once registered you can click on the  icon on the top right hand corner of your screen, select My Account from the available options, then click show+ on the right hand side of the screen in the Qualifications row.  Click on the Add Qualification button which will then require you to add your Qualification Information.  

Select the Qualification option from the available options in the drop down menu.

 Enter the Registration Number for the Qualification Type.
 This will be verified by the system before the permission is granted.

 Enter the Expiry Date for the Qualification.

Then click Save.


Once the Qualification information is submitted we will verify this and you will be notified once you are verified and able to utilise the certain features available only to users who have entered the Qualification information and become verified.