Create a New Project


On the Projects page select the Project option from the available options in the Create New drop down menu.


Project Details

Enter in the Project name, Client name, Legal description, Address, Suburb, Town & post code.

From the drop down menus select the nearest Town, Snow region and if its a personal project or a company project. Note: If the user is registered under more than one company account, the different company names will show in this drop down box.


Site Details

Select the Roof Pitch from the drop down list. Note: For varying roof pitches, select the smallest, or shallowest roof pitch. Or if the pitch is a .5 between two numbers on the list select the lower number.

Select the Wind zone from the drop down list in accordance with NZS3604:2011 for the site. For more information see the Branz website or request a wind zone calculation under additional engineering.

Select the building platform Elevation of the property above sea level from the drop down list. If unknown leave blank as you can come back and update this prior to QA checks.

Select the Corrosion zone from the drop down list. The zones relate to the severity of exposure to wind-driven salt, with B being low risk, C medium risk and D high risk, Building Code compliance document E2/AS1 (2011) includes an exposure zone E, which is beachfront regions subject to rough seas and surf beaches. NZS3604:2011 states 'For the purposes of NZS3604:2011, the corrosion protection requirements for structural fixings in exposure zones D and E are identical. For more information see the Branz website.

Select the Subsoil Type from the drop down list. This refers to the soils underlying the building and the effects of these on the amplification of earthquake actions. Refer to NZS3604:2011 (Clause 5.3.3) for further information. The subsoil type may be obtained from site geotechnical completion reports or territorial authorities (councils). The default (conservative) subsoil type shall by Type E (soft soils) unless otherwise known.

On the Foundations drop down menu select either the option Designing in Specifi or the option Designed Externally. If an external designer/engineer designs foundations for the project, Specifi will provide a schedule of point loads the for design of foundations.

Note: Foundations can be designed to NZS3604:2011 using Specifi also.  

Enter in the Ground Floor area in square metres (m²), if the building is two story's enter in the 1st Floor area in square metres (m²). Note leave the 1st floor blank is the house is single story only.


Once all fields are filled in click on the save project details button and your project is now ready to start creating foundations and structural elements.